Vivere l’arte-design in your apartment

Vivere l’arte-design in your apartment

“Design and Happiness have always been interlinked – and bad design leads to unhappiness”

Herald Alice Rawsthorn 

Tuscany Forever is not only a touristic destination, it’s the way to find a unique blend of good taste and simple tranquility. This tuscan venue is a reflection of a particular life style project, consisting of aesthetics and design mixed with the idea of creating a different family getaway.  The intention of bringing this place into existence came across naturally a few years ago. Nobody knew what to expect but time flew by so fast that all of us who were involved in this project didn’t even notice how it deeply became absorbed by tuscan reality. It’s quite easy to understand why we decided to be a part of Tuscany Forever.

The visual form of how the interiors were designed is owed mainly to architects, designers, artists and other friends who not only selected every piece of furniture, tone of the wall paint, ceramics and decorative details but also had a tremendous impact on the sustainability of the Residence’s atmosphere. Color, Shape, Pattern, Line, Texture, Balance, Scale and Proximity, all of those elements brought together became a crucial part of Tuscany Forever’s existence. However, the venue wasn’t thought to be a place for unforeseen encounters of design experts but more as a thread that connects and gathers families who desire some leisure time in a lovely designed ambience.

Mid-century design is fashionable, we could even say that the world burned up with fever in front of MCM (Mid Century Modern) interiors. Why? The answer is quite obvious: simplicity and classic forms that can be incorporated in many ways and bring about feelings of coziness and restfulness at the same time. If you are looking for examples, we will now begin our journey through different aspects of decorative patterns, various motifs and unordinary forms that were meticulously and consciously chosen to be a part of Tuscany Forever, your holiday residence, your particular apartment.

Shall we start?

Italian modern design first appeared under the name of „Bel Design”. The need of experimenting and searching for new modern expressions led Italian manufactures to turn design into the most valuable product. Italian designers worked constantly with a creative curiosity that probably derived from their mentality and attitude and that was and still is the most visible characteristic of their their body artwork. Marco Zanusso, Franco Albini, Pier Giacomo Castiglioni Gian Carlo Piretti, Gianfranco Frattini, Gianni Moscatelli and many more designers and architects were known not only in Italy but also across Europe and other continents. That was a new and fresh beginning for Italy, with the entire world breathlessly waiting for novelties coming from the Italian ateliers.

If you look attentively at your apartment you can probably recognize the most precious traces from MCM forms and be sure that the main challenge was to puzzle out how to fit it together with the whole interior.  The quest for vintage furnishings and beautiful decorative elements took serval years and it’s not finished yet. The final look of the apartments has probably been reached but the adventure of pursuing the beauty of those times is very contagious. In Villa Tempo you can sit comfortably in our Donato D’Urbino’s armchairs encompassed by an amazing view, in Villa Terra you can touch the beautifully renovated Giancarlo Frattini’s style chairs, in Villa Famiglia 7 you simply cannot miss the ceramics of San Marino with the face of a pretty and mysterious girl, in all villas there are Franco Albini’s shelves where you can find books and other decorative treasures, in Villa Aria you can admire the lamps that follow the design of Pier Castiglioni and many more.

In the next articles we will see who were those extraordinary Italian creators, what is hidden inside Tuscany Forever’s apartments that you have to discover, where to find those unique objects and whether the items that you recognized are really what you expect them to be…



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