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14 Jan 2018

City of alabaster

Did you know Volterra is one of the unique cities to still cultivate the old etruscan craftmanship?

Alabaster is being used to bring to life scluptures and objects like thousand years ago. This nobel-tradition is present in the every-day life walking trough Volterra streets.

For our guests we can organize a special workshop to learn how to elaborate alabaster themselves!

The Photos are the courtesy of the Tourist Councel of Volterra.


09 Jan 2018

Castelnuovo val di Cecina – small town located in the beautiful valley

Castelnuovo val di Cecina is a small town located in the beautiful valley of Cecina. This Tuscan Borgo is known among others for using a sustainable, thermal energy thanks to the natural phenomenon of the territory. This energy is not only used to heat the houses but also to produce clean electricity.

In the past, Castelnuovo was a medieval hilltop settlement used to guard the territory by Etruscans and the republic of Florence later on.

Today’s Castelnuovo offers a pleasant trip in the old medieval Borgo town with its beautiful view over the surrounding woodland.

if you love visiting historical areas, a trip to the old Etruscan natural thermal complex „Bagnone” is highly recommended.

All of this beautiful attractions are 40 km from #TuscanyForever – making it perfect for a one-day trip.